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Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Electronics & Communications Engineering (EE/ECE) Department homepage!

The EE/ECE Department was established in 1960 and was then known simply as the EE Department under its first Chairman, Engr. Dennis J. Bermejo. It then evolved to become the EE/ECE Dept. in 1975 to accommodate the rapidly changing and evolving fields of electronics and communications engineering. In 1980, the University of San Carlos (USC) conferred BSECE degree to its first five (5) graduates. It was in 1986, when the department started to offer a course on Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSComE). Consequently, the department changed its name to EE/ECE/ComE Department. Because of the departmentís huge population accounting to at least 60% of the engineering studentsí total population and for better management of its programs, the then Dean of the College of Engineering, the late Pedrito Uy, saw the necessity of splitting the department into two. Thus, in 1997, the EE/ECE/ComE department reverted back to being the EE/ECE department and a separate Computer Engineering (ComE) department was established with Engr. Alberto S. BaŮacia and Engr. Josephine Borja-Pinote as chairs, respectively.

Since inception, the EE/ECE department is still the biggest in the College of Engineering and is home to about 1,050 students; 45 of which are enrolled in the graduate programsí master in EE and ECE. It has 23 full-time faculty members duly supported by five (5) industry practitioners as part-time faculty. Of the 23, 10 has masterís degree in various disciplines of the EE and ECE profession obtained either locally or abroad while the others are currently pursuing their respective masterís degree and a faculty member is currently in Japan pursuing a doctoral degree.

The Department of EE/ECE is proud to have successfully hosted the 2nd International Engineering Research Conference (IERC 2006) held last March 9 & 10, 2006 at the USC Talamban Campus, Cebu City, Philippines.

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